Though connected mobile devices have been on the rise for a few years now, many businesses are just now realizing their potential as marketing tools. As this trend continues, a recent Business Insider report suggested, mobile marketing may transform email campaigns.

For years, email has been the bread and butter of many marketing campaigns, particularly for businesses looking to leverage more affordable marketing outlets. Mobile channels afford markets easier access to their target audiences, who are increasingly connected to their emails.

A recent ExactTarget report suggested that the mobile internet makes fresh email content a marketing must. The study found that 29 percent of respondents check their email “constantly throughout the day” via their devices. Plus, 20 percent share articles via email from their mobile phones and mobile email content was the leading driver of mobile purchase decisions.

Beyond email content, marketers can cater their web content specifically toward mobile devices as another means of capturing users' attention. As with email marketing, it is best if this content is clear and concise, Business Insider stated, in order to avoid losing the reader's attention.

“Mobile marketing is a real growth industry, but unlike any other form of digital marketing, it is the sort of marketing that any business of any size can get involved in and it does not have to break the bank either,” the news provider stated.

Given the relative youth of mobile marketing, many businesses are still figuring out the best ways to approach the medium. As a recent Memeburn.com report stated, companies utilizing mobile marketing should focus on mobile content and keeping customers connected, rather than attempting to dazzle people with a “cool” factor.