Joe Meloni

A report from Nielsen found that mothers are becoming an increasingly active demographic on the web, with social media and blog content as two channels they’re especially tuned into. Marketers are finding this audience has the potential to offer valuable word-of-web referrals.

According to the study, Pinterest is especially appealing to this demographic, with 4.9 million American mothers active on the site. Nielsen said that moms are 61 percent more likely to visit the social network than the average American.

The importance of the products and services mothers bring into their households has also led to increased activity around brand’s social media marketing campaigns.

Moms are 38 percent more likely to engage with a brand on a social network than most Americans.

More than 72 percent of mothers active on the internet visit Facebook, while 14 percent use Twitter. Blogging platforms Blogger and WordPress are also frequently accessed by moms. The ability to create content that can reach their friends and other mothers has led to more women using the web to discuss different aspects of parenting. As such, brands targeting parents should create content that makes good social discussions and inspires blogs (and likely mentions) among their audience.

Fifty-two percent of all bloggers describe themselves as parents with children under the age 18. While not all of them are creating content about parenting or advocating for brands, their presence in the blogosphere warrants articles and social content tailored to them.

Brafton recently reported that younger mothers are especially good targets for new media marketing campaigns. The increasingly tech-savvy demographic frequently turns to social channels to learn about new products while keeping in touch with friends and family.