A website’s home page is no longer the main entry point for many online shoppers, research has revealed.

Pindar Graphics has published findings which show that the majority of e-commerce users do not visit sites via their main pages.

However, a well-designed site can still expect to drive one in three people through to viewing an online shopping basket.

Director of Pindar Graphics Roger Willcocks says: "Careful study of a large number of similar e-commerce sites can provide valuable insights.

"We can see at a glance what works and what doesn’t."

Pindar Graphics adds that the most successful e-commerce sites have a conversion rate of eight per cent – four times the average.

Online marketers could be looking to optimise the content of their product pages in light of the study.

But some caution may be advisable, as a recent SEOUnique blog post identified that good sales copy might not guarantee a high ranking in search results.

Author Matt Ridout explained that informative pages which then link through to the sales screen typically perform better on search engines.