Joe Meloni

A report from ExactTarget found that 46 percent of consumers convert after receiving an email marketing message they have subscribed to. The study analyzed activity of more than 1,400 consumers and found that both email and social media marketing campaigns are effective in terms of driving conversions. 

With nearly half of consumers saying they have made a purchase from an email campaign, the value of a well-executed timely message is obvious. Moreover, ExactTarget believes that the figure is also representative of growing consumer desire to interact with brands on several channels.

Aside from email, 45 percent of respondents have Liked a brand on Facebook, and 24 percent of those respondents have made a purchase as result of their activity.

Pairing social media and email as part of an integrated new media marketing strategy helps companies improve their overall web presence. Other popular platforms for interacting with brands include Twitter, with 7 percent of consumers following brands.

Developing a presence on social networks and drawing a subscriber base for email campaigns starts with relevant content. Brafton recently reported that one-third of Twitter users follow their favorite news organizations. Providing news content marketing material can help companies build a follower base organically and drive website traffic.