As more and more search channels become available to internet users, successful search engine optimization (SEO) will need to have an impact on all of them, experts say.

"Universal search," as the aggregation of news, image, video and traditional web search results at the top of a results page is known, has been around since Google implemented it in 2007, writes Ron Jones at Search Engine Watch. "No longer are you trying to just optimize for certain textual content, but now you need to optimize for video, images, local, news, and blog results," says Jones.

Instead of the usual search engine optimization (SEO) technique of product promotion, featuring a simple text post and picture, Jones urges SEO practitioners to expand the list of techniques they use. "Add a press release and post to PR sites for promotion. Then add a blog post. Produce a short video about the product and post accordingly. Go beyond your website and push this content into various social media channels."

Other search engine optimization (SEO) analysts say that the future of the search market is centered on video and social media, and that early adopters could reap big benefits.