Presidential nominee Barack Obama is enjoying success in the "Web 2.0 race for the White House", it has been reported.

Writing in the New York Times, sector commentator Heather Havenstein states the Illinois senator continues to "dominate" his rival senator John McCain in a number of areas.

She notes Obama had around two million Facebook supporters as of October 9th, in comparison to 564,000 for the Republican presidential candidate.

Meanwhile, the Democrat nominee had a total of 749,000 supporters on MySpace this week, while McCain had 190,000, Ms Havenstein continues.

"Both candidates have leaned heavily on the internet during the run-up to election day with recent moves including Obama’s launch of an iPhone application and McCain’s move to query users on professional social networking tool LinkedIn and to overhaul his ‘McCainSpace’ MySpace page," she notes.

In other news, product manager Abe Murray and JL Needham of public sector partnerships at Google recently announced on the search engine’s official blog that it had launched an application to help people find places to vote in order to increase participation in the democratic process.