While most online marketing appears to be focusing on a younger demographic, there may be a missed opportunity with older generations, particularly women over the age of 35.

That’s the contention of Wall Street Journal reporter Christina Binkley who wrote a column about women of a certain age being ignored in the online shopping world.

In the article, Binkley talks about a certain fashion trend website and laments that "the styles featured there appear to be largely designed by and for twentysomethings."

Though most online marketing is geared toward users aged 18 to 34, Binkley says the fastest-growing demographic is an older crowd, with 65 percent of online apparel sales coming from women over the age of 35.

"It’s so stupid," David Wolfe, creative director of Doneger Group, told the reporter. "The people doing the programming are still deluding themselves that the 18-to-34-year-old market is going to save them."

Another reporter, Mary Kate Cary, reposted Binkley’s comments on the U.S. News & World report blog and shared the same sentiment.

"I was in American Eagle and Abercrombie recently with my daughters and Binkley has it right: Women my age are the ‘forgotten market,’" Cary wrote.