Two new studies show that men and women are watching online videos in relatively equal numbers, with a total of about 80 percent of the U.S. online population watching videos on the web at least once a month according to eMarketer .

A survey by Nielsen finds that online viewers skew slightly toward women 55 percent to 45 percent, a number that is in line with the U.S. home television population.

A similar survey by comScore found that those numbers held up when people were categorized by "light" or "medium" viewers, but "heavy" viewers were 60 percent male.

eMarketer points out that the difference in the Nielsen and comScore results is most likely due to the different survey groups. For instance comScore includes university locations in its survey which might account for the "heavy" male viewing percentage.

As it would be expected, age played a big part in a person’s online video watching habits, but the findings may not be as most would expect.

A study by Nielsen earlier this year found that 39 percent of online viewers in the U.S. were under the age of 35. But, the largest cluster of online viewers was the 45 to 55 age range, with 20 percent of the age group watching videos.