Web marketers should pay attention to niche searchers when implementing a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, it has been recommended.

An article on web resource Marketing Sherpa states online advertisers should use long-phrase searches from their log files in order to optimize results for any search.

The piece explains such users’ queries on search engines go "significantly deeper" than those of other individuals.

It continues: "They’ve come to expect that finding relevant results may take them on to the second page or even deeper."

Therefore, just because such searchers are willing to search extensively, it does not mean they will not happily click on an earlier result if it is relevant, indicating that log files could provide an insight into how to optimize such webpages.

"Even if these highly specific pages only get a few clicks per month, chances are good that those clicks will be very valuable for companies with high price points," the article concludes.

In other news, a study by marketing automation firm LeadLife – called Lead Life Cycle Optimization: 2008 Analysis – recently suggested that web marketing is becoming increasingly popular for lead generation.