Achieving effective search engine optimization (SEO) requires attention both on and off-page, it is claimed.

Reprint ArticleSite reports that the algorithms that determine which results appear high in lists of search results are attracted to information contained on a website and the keywords which appear on the sites which link and are linked to it.

On-page SEO requires the use of the keywords which potential visitors to a certain site will use when making a search engine request.

These keywords should be apparent in the title tags, the URL, headings and the URL, the news provider advises.

It is also important to consider off-page SEO which requires appropriate sites to be linked and to link to a particular site, Reprint ArticleSite says.

As such, websites should be linked to other similar webpages which contain the same keywords, the news provider notes.

Writing for Real Business, expert Dawn Gibbins explained that keywords are essential to SEO because search engine spiders look for results based on the words that appear on a website.