When considering how best to boost their website’s search engine optimization (SEO), marketers should seek to create original content, an expert has urged.

Todd Mumford, writing for the American Chronicle, claimed that many novice website owners feel "overwhelmed" by the enormity of their SEO task but added that much could be achieved by following a few simple rules.

He suggested site developers choose and use the best keywords for their product or service and add content to their pages which is interesting to readers and gains their attention.

Sites should not overuse their keywords as if the search engines decide it is an illogical use of such terms it can damage a website’s ranking, Mr Mumford continued.

"It can take up to ten months to show significant improvement in ranking following new SEO strategies but the results are worth it," he added.

Search consultancy Position Gold asserts that brand promotion through search engines delivers greater return on investment than any other type of marketing whether online or through more traditional media.