Targeting email marketing at specific groups of customers can make it 57 per cent more effective than non-personalized marketing efforts, a new report has found.

According to the study carried out by the Aberdeen Groupfor Emma Marketing, those companies which tailored personalized content to more segmented audience groups received orders of a 57 per cent higher value.

Suzanne Norman, Emma’s director of community relations, explained: "As more and more companies adopt email marketing to stay in touch with their customers, recipients will become choosier with the content they read and enjoy."

According to Ms Norman, researching consumers and then making email content more relevant to them is the best way to keep readers engaged with a company and its output.

The study also found that although 96 per cent of organizations recognize personalization can be important, few have the data necessary to make meaningful individual emails.

A study by ReturnPath recently found that personalization of marketing emails can increase open and click rates.

Despite this, the ReturnPath survey showed, the 70 per cent of companies who gathered more information than addresses from email subscribers failed to use this information in personalized mail-outs.