Although the Obama administration has increased its search engine optimization (SEO) after taking control of the White House this week, one SEO holdover from the Bush presidency which tied the 43rd president to the term "miserable failure" is still affecting the current president.

A search for the term "miserable failure" on Yahoo brings up a link to the Obama White House site. A search for "failure" in Google gives the Obama link as the first non-news result.

This is the result of Googlebombs that linked the George W. Bush biography on the White House site with the term through Google and other search engines.

Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan warned that this would happen earlier this month and said in a post today that he even tried to get in touch with the Obama administration to warn them of the problem.

"There are bigger issues Obama has to deal with," wrote Sullivan. "But then again, this is supposed to be the tech-savvy presidency. It should be search engine optimization savvy, as well."

The Obama administration doesn’t appear to be completely clueless when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) considering it removed all robots.txt coding from the site when Obama took office and the new White House site went live on Tuesday.