Many of the presidential hopefuls’ email marketing messages are going unread, an expert has asserted.

Jen Udan, spokeswoman for website development agency Zilker Ventures, has warned that candidates are not using motivational titles for their messages.

They should be using strategies which have been tried and tested within business, she continued.

Ms Udan suggested that email titles must be urgent and enticing, such as "Deadline ahead: Don’t quit, act now" and "Everything you should know about Obama".

"These subject lines create a sense of urgency and shift the locus of power from the sender to the recipients of the messages," she stated.

Marketers know to directly address the customer with the advantages of opening the email even before they have read the content, the expert added.

US software agency Octeth states that an email’s title and topic can directly affect the success and readability ratio of a campaign.