It appears that despite being designed in part by the man who is often heralded with inventing the World Wide Web, no one working on the redesign of the website for the Queen thought about search engine optimization (SEO).

According to a review of the new website for the British Royal Family by the London Telegraph, the site fails in a number of key search engine optimization (SEO) points.

Although the paper says the site has an impressive 30,400 pages indexed by Google, 22,060 of them are error pages – meaning there are 2.6 error pages for every one genuine page one.

It also seems that the webmaster for the site committed a couple of search engine optimization (SEO) crimes according to the Telegraph’s Julian Sambles who says the site’s homepage is not clearly labeled and has been duplicated.

"It is disappointing that as our head of state, Her Majesty has allowed the creation of a website which should have been designed to engage with her subjects as much as possible but has overlooked the basics of good Search Engine [Optimization]," wrote Sambles.

Some experts also critiqued the redesign of the White House website following the inauguration of President Barack Obama last month when a Googlebomb directed toward former president Bush sent users to a biography of Barack Obama.