Targeted email marketing can be highly effective, despite its reputation suffering following a deluge of spam messages, an expert has commented.

Lawrence Ramsay, spokesman for DMC Software Solutions, a Sage CRM system specialist, explained that for many marketers, an increase in the number of firms using the platform has decreased the effectiveness of their campaigns.

However, he urged firms to spend time designing their messages to ensure they reach the consumer.

"Providing that you make every effort to avoid spam filters, tailor your emails to exactly meet your audience’s specification and provide relevant content then your email will be read," Mr Ramsay added.

Recently, David Hearld, president of marketing agency Profit-Tell International, commented that email marketing can be a cost-effective promotional tactic during times of economic uncertainty.

He asserted that using email marketing well can result in increased traffic, rising sales and a reduction in marketing costs.

Furthermore, Mr Hearld added, the effectiveness of each email marketing campaign can be easily assessed.