Search engine optimization (SEO) is a "big help" for online businesses looking to raise their revenues, it has been suggested.

IT development firm Prime Outsourcing explains that, with the right methodologies, firms have the opportunity to "dominate the world market" via the internet.

Putting in place an effective SEO strategy is a key means by which to approach such a target, the company adds.

"Search engines are like maps – it’s our guide to a chosen destination wherein we start at typing the keywords," Prime Outsourcing asserts.

The organization continues: "It is like a race, with the odds on how you will crawl your articles and be placed on the first page."

Industry insight provider TARGUSinfo recently suggested that small and medium-sized businesses could be among those most likely to benefit from SEO.

Research conducted by the firm found that half of small companies would be willing to pay on an ongoing basis to ensure their content was optimized for the relevant key terms.