When done correctly, search engine optimization (SEO) means writing a website’s content differently but ensuring the page is useful to readers, a company has commented.

Website design firm the Internet Marketing Group (IMG) made its remarks after restoring a client to Google’s results following penalization by the search provider.

Client MobileDemand relied on organic traffic for "several thousand visitors" each month and so when Google dropped it from the rankings, its business was endangered.

IMG edited the site and resubmitted it to Google for consideration, eventually restoring the corporate pages to the results using ethical, or white-hat, SEO.

"Done properly, SEO simply means programming a website and writing content properly. Put differently, websites should be built and written for users, not search engines," the agency explained.

Google warns webmasters to fully research their SEO plans before implementing them and to carefully consider the services of a search marketing agency before hiring one, as unethical tactics can result in a website being removed from its index.

It recommends firms understand exactly what an SEO agency intends to do to their corporate sites before commissioning the work.