With a growing number of technologies vying for the attention of Americans, television appears to be losing audience as more Americans spend their time elsewhere.

However, some networks are attempting to embrace the web and are using search engine optimization (SEO) to help.

In a piece for Search Engine Land, search engine optimization (SEO) expert Tom Wilde writes that search may be the saving grace of the television industry.

As more consumers continue to go online to get their content – including television programming – Wilde says networks need to be aware of how people find their online content while at the same time making it more easily accessible.

"In a world where users are increasingly in control of the content they consume, search is the perfect approach to delivering individualized content discovery and programming which will extend users’ consumption and contribute to a successful transition in business models for professional media producers," writes Wilde.

CMT, Viacom’s country music-based network, is one television company that is embracing search and search engine optimization (SEO).

In a new partnership with Ask.com, the network asks viewers a trivia question and then encourages them to go to Ask.com to find the answer, according to MediaPost. The search engine is provided with the question ahead of time and can then more accurately monitor the search engine optimization (SEO).