Website owners should seek the assistance of experts when attempting to optimize their content, it has been claimed.

Joanna Gadel of Australian search engine optimization (SEO) firm SEO Sydney makes the assertion in an article for PromotionWorld.

She explains that, while SEO may seem simple, there are a number of issues commonly overlooked by enthusiastic amateurs.

These include considerations such as the length of key phrases and striking a balance between commonly searched terms and those which fewer competitors are covering.

"Expert keyword research is the foundation of any kind of successful SEO work and that determines the business growth of that website," Ms Gadel continues.

She concludes that medium-volume search terms which are frequently used but relatively topic-specific "shine" when they appear at the top of search results.

According to SEO Sydney, the average web user is unlikely to browse beyond the first three pages of search results – equivalent to the top 30 ranking websites.