Those seeking to use search engine optimization (SEO) to rise up search rankings need to be aware that making a website more Google-friendly “is not a one-time fix”, an expert has warned.

According to Chris Bloggs, writing on Search Engine Watch, SEO is “a lifelong engagement” that websites should always keep in mind.

He explained that the most important part of making a site search engine-friendly is choosing the correct keywords, which need to be terms people will actually use.

Ensuring that every page on a website is optimized is the most effective way of rising up the rankings, Mr Bloggs said.

In addition, webmasters should ensure their site is frequently updated with press releases or other information as part of “an ongoing plan”, he concluded.

Google fellow in charge of search rankings Amit Singhal has explained in the search engine giant’s development blog that the company judges sites by the subjective opinions of users who have linked to them.

This is because Google believes the web is built “by people”, meaning that a simple mathematical system would not always bring up the best results.