Although search engine optimization (SEO) can help level the playing field for small to medium sized companies, most just don’t pay attention to it at all.

That’s according to search engine optimization (SEO) consultant Rebecca Lieb who tells bMighty.comthat by not taking advantage of SEO, smaller companies are missing a great opportunity.

"Search is the second-most-common activity on the internet after email; 99.5 percent of web users are searching," says Lieb.

Lieb compares a company not using search engine optimization (SEO) with a company that wouldn’t put a sign outside their business or have an unlisted number. If one business doesn’t take advantage of SEO, says Lieb, its competitor most likely is.

"People are searching for things, and will find your competitor," she told the site. "If I’m searching for pizza and your pizza parlor isn’t there, I’ll order from the other guy."

It might also be useful for companies that begin to use SEO to understand just what it is. According to a recent survey from practical ecommerce, although a majority of companies said they used search engine optimization (SEO) a large number believe practices like keyword stuffing, which is considered counterproductive, was an effective strategy.