Joe Meloni

A report from PR Newswire suggests fostering and promoting prospect engagement can help businesses improve their new media marketing campaigns. The firm’s vice president of social media claims that frequent engagement helps companies garner insights to develop content marketing strategies, and it can also help them direct prospects through conversion funnels on their websites.

Working with social media marketing teams to ensure they understand the best strategies for promoting content will keep social pages as fresh and dynamic as a website, and promoting a comprehensive social communications strategy will help brands use interactions to guide website content creation. The goal of most content marketing campaigns is to improve lead generation and conversions through information, rather than overt sales pitches. Social monitoring will help bring to light the information in demand among prospects.

Moreover, it’s inevitable that prospects will have questions about products and services discussed in cotnent. With new media marketing, content will direct website visitors to social accounts where feedback and questions from prospects can be used to boost engagement.

Frequently, companies struggle to handle the influx of social engagement across platforms. Training staff to interact will keep prospects interested in products and services, however, it can be difficult for companies to handle the responsibility.

Brafton recently reported that as part of evolving social media marketing strategies, businesses are looking to outsource their activity within the channel. Among the benefits companies have found with outsourcing to third-party agencies are cost savings and more time for their in-house employees to handle other tasks.