For sports fans, getting news on their favorite teams or statistics for a fantasy league is just a few clicks away because of the wonders of the internet. Now one sporting website is looking to improve its search engine optimization (SEO) to help gain traffic. announced this week that it will be enhancing its online presence by increasing its search engine optimization (SEO) and beginning a new email strategy.

"Ultimately, the goal is to get people to sign up for a subscription or an e-mail newsletter, which will support them from a revenue perspective," Kyle Bumgardner, director of business development at WebsiteBiz – which will be working with on its SEO – told DMNews.

Bumgardner said the objective of the enhanced search engine optimization (SEO) is to increase advertising revenue and direct consumer revenue for the site.

The Sporting News began in 1886 and is an example of a company that appears to have handled the internet revolution well.

Research this month from eMarketer found that only online video grew more than search marketing in 2008, with companies spending $5 billion dollars on search during the first half of the year – a 23.6 percent increase over the same period in 2007.