Ted Karczewski

​In content marketing, brands constantly look for new angles or avenues to amplify their core messages and outperform the competition. Video content, for example, was born from the idea that today’s consumers prefer to engage with interactive visual media, not text-only publications. While blog content has its own place in the marketing mix, new data shows many companies have seen results from their video marketing efforts, and companies will continue to invest in visual media as internet users consume more of it on a monthly basis.

A new study from Celtra found internet users complete online video clips more than 47 percent of the time. Of course, 80 percent of all online video content tops off at approximately a minute in length, but creating longer-form media shouldn’t be off the table either. While Celtra most closely looked at video ads – the type of content that plays before YouTube clips or as part of enhanced banner ads – similar trends could reflect the emergence of opt-in video engagement, too.

11 percent of respondents engage more than 10 video clips before they buy.

A new report from Invodo may encourage even the most skeptical marketers to consider investing in video production and distribution. The company’s “How Consumers Shop With Video” report showed that 44 percent of surveyed consumers either strongly or somewhat agree that they purchase more products after viewing a related video. In fact, Invodo noted that prospects even watch several production videos before converting, with 11 percent of respondents engaging with more than 10 clips before they buy. 

Video marketing can be a dynamic part of any content strategy, but brands must realize that visual media needs to be produced at scale with goal-oriented strategies to see results. People not only watch a lot of video now, but they often view clips on the same topic before making up their minds about brands’ offerings. The more high-quality content a company produces, the higher the odds of it pushing leads further along the sales cycle.