Speculations suggest that Google may be developing a social site – Google Me – to compete in the existing social arena, but marketers should be advised that users may be reluctant to switch from tried and true sites – especially as some consumers are "addicted" to Facebook. A recent study from Oxygen media and Lightspeed Research reveals that more than one third (39 percent) of women between the ages of 18 and 34 would describe themselves as "Facebook addicts."

The social site is clearly a good place to reach this demographic – any time, day or night. The study found that 34 percent of young women check Facebook first thing in the morning. For these young female users, checking Facebook took precedence over general parts of the morning routine, including going to the bathroom or brushing their teeth.

Not only do these women begin their days with Facebook, but they also end them with the social site. Twenty-one percent of women check Facebook during the night, and 37 percent have even admitted to sometimes falling asleep with their palm digital assistants in their hands.

Facebook may be ideal for catching the interests of these frequent female users, but it’s also a good platform to boost a brand among a larger audience. Recent data from ROI Research suggests that 90 percent of Facebook users pay attention to the content provided by brands they "like" on the site.