To make search engine optimization (SEO) work effectively, companies must be prepared to put in regular effort, asserts one expert.

Making his comments to online resource RIS Media, Oeyman Aleagha, founder of web-based marketing solutions company Realty Soft, notes that while SEO is gaining popularity in the US, few people know how to use it well.

He adds that the best two ways to optimize a website for search engines are via keyword-rich content, which will be picked up by search engines such as Google and Yahoo!, or through "linkbacks" as search engines tend to regard sites which are linked to others as more "useful".

Both of these aspects take time to implement successfully, states the expert.

"Successful SEO takes a regularly scheduled effort. Plan on spending an hour on it each week," Mr Aleagah comments.

He adds that if people are diligent they will find their efforts pay off in terms of the "volume and quality of links that come your way".

Meanwhile, in an interview with USA Today, Google’s Matt Cutts asserted that there a number of ways in which companies can improve their search engine rankings, citing blogs, links from other sites and integrated key words as possible methods.