US internet display advertising spend rose by eight percent during the first six months of 2008, according to market analyst and insight group TNS Media.

It was noted that web-based ad spend bucked the trend of most other advertising expenditure, with total ad outgoings over the half-year period declining by 1.6 percent.

Jon Swallen, senior vice-president of research and TNS Media Intelligence, attributes the contraction in expenditure in some sectors to Wall Street turbulence, but adds the Beijing Olympic Games and the presidential elections are likely to bolster second-half figures.

He states the figures show "the continuation of the long-term trend of marketing dollars migrating to media such as the internet, cable TV and syndication that provide the ability to more effectively target specific audiences".

Meanwhile, in recent days, sector analyst comScore noted mobile search is gaining in both frequency of use and popularity in the US, with 20.8 million mobile subscribers