Ted Karczewski

Hi, Ted Karczewski with this week’s Content & Coffee with Brafton. Have you ever considered how interactions on social media can fuel your next video or content marketing campaigns?

Brands have caught on to the value of social listening and monitoring. The things people say on Twitter, Facebook and beyond can actually be useful, even if you think your friends’ status updates are more attention-seeking than anything else.

Brafton publishes all of its news and blog content to its Twitter profile, and people often interact with our Tweets to add their two cents. For example, last week Brafton published a piece that covered recent Authorship advice from Google’s Matt Cutts. From that simple post, two brands from across the world began a conversation with us, amplifying our initial message and giving us some valuable insight, too.

Innfinite Hotels, a Scotland-based consultancy firm, and Notch Video, a resource that connects companies with video producers, gave us an opportunity to continue our marketing in real-time. Innfinite started the interaction by agreeing with our stance on Authorship. In response, Brafton tweeted that content marketing is about natural storytelling, which caught Notch Video’s attention, and compelled them to reTweet the conversation.

This might seem like a simple Twitter interaction, but to Brafton, it was much more. We earned two new listeners, and now know who to target when we produce more material about Authorship.

You have to start taking social seriously to capitalize on the fast-paced nature of the web. Pay attention to what your prospects and industry-peers are saying online – those sentiments are likely representative of a wider audience. Use your findings to inspire future campaigns, and build strategies around the things you and your online customers have in common.