Although Twitter has grown dramatically over the last year some have questioned its usefulness as a marketing tool, but a recent tweet from media personality Ryan Seacrest has shown the power the micro-blogging service has to break news.

Yesterday morning, it was announced that Ben Silverman, the co-chair of NBC Universal, would be leaving the company to pursue an unnamed project with IAC. But for the almost 2 million followers of TV and radio figure Ryan Seacrest, that was old news.

At 8:54 a.m. EST, Seacrest tweeted that the "guy that runs nbc" would be leaving the network to "launch a new studio." Although Seacrest didn’t name Silverman, who the Los Angeles Times reports is a friend of the American Idol star, almost an hour earlier he had hinted that some major move in the entertainment world was in the works.

This means that Seacrest, and by connection Twitter, beat out all the major media outlets in reporting the departure of one of the industry’s biggest names, showing the power of the micro-blogging service and how it could potentially help businesses looking to increase their online marketing.

Even politicians are getting behind the power of the tweet as a message sent out from President Barack Obama yesterday urged followers to contact their member of Congress about health insurance reform through Twitter.