Website URLs should be short, readable, memorable and descriptive, a sector commentator has explained.

Graham Charlton makes his assertions on E-consultancy’s internet marketing blog, noting web address design is an area which is overlooked on many online resources.

He states badly-designed URLs can result in websites not being found by search engines, visited or submitted to websites such as Digg or Yahoo! Buzz – the latter of which was opened up last month.

Mr Charlton recommends making web addresses readable and descriptive of the web page they lead to in some way as this will make people more likely to click on them.

He also states a short URL is more likely to be remembered by a web user and is also easier to be typed into an address bar on a browser.

Mr Charlton states using keywords in web addresses can be useful in terms of search engine optimization.

"People bookmark webpages on their browsers, or on social sites like Digg and Delicious so, once you have published a web page, don’t alter the URL as users clicking these bookmarked links will just encounter an error," he concludes.