Businesses should add useful content to their sites as it helps build loyalty, an expert has explained.

Andy Komack, president of Komarketing Associates, made his comments to online resource Industry Week, stating that some businesses believe their pages should be nothing more than an overview of their capabilities.

However, he railed against this view, urging firms to ensure their websites provide lead generation – perhaps to aid email marketing – and industry resources for consumers.

Manufacturing firms, for example, should provide up-to-date information on their products technical specifications but also content which will allow buyers to use their purchases more efficiently, Mr Komack continued.

"This additional content will help build loyalty to your brand and will drive search engine traffic in a variety of ways," he added.

Recently, eMarketing strategist Dion Jones told technology news resource Red Orbit that providing useful information in the form of a blog is a good tool for building consumer trust in a brand.