Lauren Kaye

BrightEdge released a study showing that video content gets more clicks than classic (a.k.a. written) content. Before getting into the fact that web copy is now considered ‘classic,’* this finding suggests marketers can’t afford to ignore video if they want their SEO strategies to be successful.

Interestingly, the data shows that video broadly gets more clicks in search, but CTR fluctuates across the page.

Videos actually get a lower CTR if they’re shown as the No. 1 result compared to written pieces, but it flips for the No. 2 spot. Videos that rank second have a 5 percent higher click rate than written pieces, and continue to have a better CTR through the 7th result.

Videos  have a higher CTR

Why does a video do better when it’s ranked No. 2 versus No. 1?

There’s no definitive answer, but from a user perspective, it’s natural to expect text-based links at the top of the page and see images further down. However, they’re clearly gravitating toward and clicking videos that display in results pages.

Create rich media to get more clicks

The study found that Images also get more clicks in search results. BrightEdge concluded that images and videos together have a CTR 13 percent higher than classic written content. In fact, the difference between text-only content and images was even more pronounced, with visuals clearly grabbing more attention across the SERP.

Images get higher clicks

We’ve seen similar lifts when companies start to use featured images with their written content (35 percent more pageviews), and those results are magnified when brands create and use custom graphics with their posts (2-3x more shares).

There are a number of reasons why videos and images perform well in search results:

  • They’re visual (and visual content generally increases willingness to read by 80 percent
  • They provide context and deliver additional information in a digestible format
  • They add diversity and engage viewers in a new way

What BrightEdge’s study confirms is that there are search benefits that come with expanding web marketing strategies, and brands that provide users with a more engaging experience online are getting more clicks to their pages

*Editor’s note: Web content may be classic compared to online videos and interactive graphics, but it’s still in demand. Videos are hot, but many people still prefer to read their news than watch it.