It is not just search engines which trawl the web looking for quality content, people do as well and website owners need to respond to this demand, an expert has commented.

In a post through his SEO-Space organic search blog, Jody Nimetz, an organic search marketing strategist at Enquiro Search Solutions, said it is important to secure inbound links to boost a website’s search engine rankings.

The best way to gain such links is to post useful content which will be linked to by other sites and blogs, he explained.

"You want to rank better in search engines? You want to better engage users on your website? Well begin with taking a long hard look at your content and map out a content development strategy," Mr Nimetz urged.

In an earlier post, the search engine optimization expert suggested high quality content is not just the most important thing for a company to consider when seeking to attract inbound links from other sites, but is also a vital viral marketing tool.