The founder of Wikipedia is hopeful that a project he is currently spearheading will break Google’s domination as the most widely used internet search engine, it has been reported.

Jimmy Wales’ made his comments regarding Wikia Search at the Global Brand Forum in Singapore in recent days, Agence France-Presse reports.

The news provider notes that Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft currently "dominate" the search engine market.

Mr Wales said that this was causing some concern among web users.

"Right now – in the US in particular – we have a really strong concentration of the industry," he noted.

Mr Wales added: "Do we really want all of our traffic, all of our editorial control of the internet all being piped through one, two or three companies? I don’t think we do."

Concluding, he suggested that web users desire a "broader marketplace" when carrying out internet searches.

In other news, web resource Hitwise recently noted that Google’s share of total US searches carried out in July totalled 70.77 percent.