Yahoo! has announced plans to modify several sections of its website – including the homepage – over the coming months.

At a press conference held in recent days, Ash Patel, executive vice-president of the search engine firm’s audience product division, said Yahoo! plans to incorporate more material from rival services into its site as part of the makeover.

The Sunnyvale-based company’s initiative will enable its users to plant more applications – called widgets – on to personalized versions of its homepage.

Patel did not give details on the exact date of the new page’s unveiling, saying that it would begin gradually over the next couple of month, the Associated Press reports.

Scott Moore, head of Yahoo!’s media operations, added that the company plans to open up its music services to the likes of Amazon and iTunes during the next few weeks, as well as featuring more content from local papers.

In other news, Yahoo! has today announced the launch of a new ad campaign called "Start Wearing Purple".