It is important to select the most appropriate keywords for a successful pay-per-click campaign, a major search engine explains.

Yahoo! makes its comments in the company’s search marketing blog, noting bidding on the most relevant keywords is the core of a successful campaign.

It is important not to target generic keywords, the search engine recommends, as these eat into budgets and do not necessarily result in sales.

"Selecting more specific keywords may deliver fewer clicks but can be more likely to result in sales," it notes.

The Yahoo! blog warns businesses to choose carefully when selecting words and phrases to bid on, adding: "Keywords are the foundation of your search marketing account."

Recently, industry commentator Shaun Oakes wrote in the Tech Leader computing blog that marketers can select keywords using tools such as Google Adwords, WordTracker and Keyword Discovery.

He suggested such words and phrases can then be used for both search marketing and search engine optimization.