Joe Meloni

YouTube recently announced it will rank videos based on time watched, rather than the number of clicks a video receives. For those using video content marketing, highly engaging content is required now more than ever to drive visibility and awareness.

Brafton has reported in the past that Google’s quality algorithms emphasize interaction metrics for SEO, and this YouTube adjustment makes clear that engagement impacts video ranking. According to IDG Enterprise, more than 40 percent of marketers invest in video as part of a content marketing strategy. Developing spots that appeal to target audiences can be difficult, but a larger audience is the reward for effective campaigns.

According to YouTube, Time Watched is now included within the site’s analytics to give marketers a greater understanding of their content’s stickiness. While sites that receive substantial views will still rank well, those that keep audiences engaged will receive more attention.

In its announcement, YouTube said: “As with previous optimizations to our discovery feature, this should benefit your channel if your videos drive more viewing time across YouTube.”

Developing a Channel on YouTube helps marketers achieve more visibility on the network. Similar to Facebook Pages and other social media marketing tools, YouTube channels act as a hub for a company or organization’s video content. Brafton recently highlighted data from AYTM Market Research that found nearly one-fifth of consumers subscribe to YouTube Channels.