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10 Content Planning Tools To Simplify Content Marketing


Business can be rough, and content marketing is one of the race tracks where that becomes obvious. Over the last few years, you could watch competitors go from a gentle […]

How To Remove Fake Google Reviews: 7-Step Process


You can probably think of a lot of ways Google has made your business better, but one modern headache still remains: fake Google reviews. They’re like party crashers — uninvited […]

The Web’s Attention-Grabbers: Structured Snippet Examples & Best Practices


Want to fully appreciate the value of the structured snippet, a Google Ads extension that enables the search engine to give readers even more information about your business? Then you […]

Passing the Vibe Check with Ramiro Gonzalez


As creators, marketers, storytellers and members of a global society, consuming information is a huge part of our everyday lives. But what can happen when we put down the phones, […]

Top 10 Marketing Performance Platforms to Elevate Your Marketing Game in 2024


How are your New Year’s resolutions coming along? Not to worry — I don’t mean going to the gym. I want to know about your marketing efforts. Did you start […]

How To Know If Your Site Is ADA-compliant


Imagine the internet as a bustling city, vibrant and brimming with information and personal opinions. Now, think of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as the civic engineer who ensures […]


Google Enhances Vacation Rental Listings with New Markup Support


On December 4, 2023, Google unveiled a significant update: It’s changing how integration partners for vacation rentals share listing data. With this improvement, finding the perfect place to stay — […]

GA4 360 Explained: Analytics 360 Vs. GA4 Standard


These days, it’s not unusual for organizations to operate on a “freemium”-type business model. This means that, in general, a company will provide a service for free, but it often […]

How Much Do Google Ads Cost? A Guide for 2024


Navigating digital marketing in 2024, business owners and marketers often ponder the critical question: “How much do Google Ads cost?” Answering this question is crucial, as these ads play a […]