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    Here’s how content marketing works in 2019


    Content marketing works by offering readers informative and useful material that provides insight and value.

    Restaurant marketing: The ultimate guide to cooking up success


    Consistent marketing efforts are essential to any restaurant business plan.

    Content Marketing Weekly: Hack your content strategy


    We’ve gathered some of the top takeaways, hacks and even mistakes to avoid, so you can take these lessons back to your team, improve on them and leverage them for your own content marketing strategy.

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    Read about the travels and experiences of our senior content marketing strategist.


    5 signs of darn good website design (plus examples)


    Website need a revamp? Take inspiration from these 5 websites that prioritize simplicity and smart design to promote a positive user experience.

    Professional email writing tips and tricks (+ examples)


    Every marketer should be able to write a professional email. From greeting to tone, we’ve got all the tips and tricks needed to improve your click-to-open rate.

    What is a content marketing agency and do I need one?


    Just what is a content marketing agency? Let us explain how they operate and what they do.

    Content Marketing Weekly: Discovering your content marketing launchpad


    In this week’s edition of Content Marketing Weekly, we’ll dive into the benefits of podcasts, emails and other content marketing launchpads.

    These 5 bad habits are making you a sh*tty digital marketer, and how to fix that


    These 5 common digital marketing thinking traps are too easy to fall into. Here’s how to shift your attention to things that actually matter.