Samantha Gordon

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, not because of the food, the time off work, or the tradition. I love it because it’s something virtually everyone in America honors as a time to spend with loved ones and reflect on what we love and appreciate in our lives.

This year, I’m not visiting my family, so I won’t get the dinner table experience of everyone saying what they’re thankful for. To fill that tiny hole my my heart, I asked my work family to share a little bit about what they’re thankful for this year:


Happy Thanksgiving from Brafton's Designers.
Happy Thanksgiving from Brafton’s Designers.

I’m thankful for the women I’ve met at Brafton. They’re all supportive and ambitious, so we elevate each other daily. Being a woman in a business setting presents unique challenges, and I’m so glad to have their backup. – Jennifer Jackowski, Central Projects Manager, Chicago

Cheese. – Jim Davis, Director of Video Product, Boston

I got the chance to move to a new city (and work in the heart of Boston!) with friends just around the corner. And I’m also thankful that I get to put my food background to good use when writing for my clients! – Megan Hennessey, Responsive Content Writer, Boston

I’m thankful for joining the Brafton family this year, and being part of a team that truly puts 100 percent behind everything they do. Braftonites effuse pride in their work, and there’s never a lack of excitement, energy, and creativity throughout the teams! – Bill Cooper, Content Marketing Strategist, Chicago

I’m thankful I’m spending Thanksgiving away from my family this year, as there will be no opportunity for my grandpa to start a political argument with me. He still hasn’t learned to use Skype! Sucker! – Eric Wendt, Responsive Content Writer, Chicago

I’m thankful for the turkey emoticon in Gchat. Also, I’m thankful for the continuous learning and career-development opportunities at Brafton! – Lauren Fox, Associate Consultant and former Senior Operations Support, Remote (Seattle)

Not just any holiday gets its own emoji on so many platforms.

Not just any holiday gets its own emoji on so many platforms.

I’m thankful for the people here. The incredible work ethic, creativity, compassion, and care that each person puts in on whatever crazy project comes through. It is always met with a “how can we do this,” never a “no, we can’t do this.” It’s those moments I cherish and am thankful for. – Andrew Walters, Consulting Manager, Chicago

I’m thankful for working with the best people I can wish for. We’re a tough bunch. – Perry Leenhouts, Creative Director, Chicago

I’m thankful that I work for a company that allows me the flexibility to work from home so that my son can spend his first Christmas with family and grandparents. – Steven Pricco-Byers, Senior Lead Generation Specialist, Remote (Milwaukee)

I’m thankful for the support that Brafton offers to me as a new working mom. I’ve been fortunate to have such a long time getting to know my little one, and I’ve been given the flexibility to work remotely so that he can grow up close to my family. – Brita Pricco-Byers, Lead Generation Specialist, Remote (Milwaukee)

I’m thankful for everything that I’ve learned from the incredibly savvy and creative content marketers here at Brafton. 😀 – Kyle Gaw, Marketing Manager, Boston

I’m thankful for a great job at an awesome company. I’m thankful for work/life balance. I’m thankful for my colleagues. I’m thankful for my friends and family. I’m thankful for my health, and thankful for my own successes as well as the successes of those around me. I’m thankful for my happiness and wish happiness to those around me as well. – Matt Levy, Manager of Content Marketing, Chicago

I’m thankful for my two gorgeous kids, who rob me of both my sleep and my sanity. I’m thankful for my husband, who knows better than to argue. I’m thankful for #athleisurewear and elastic waistbands. I’m thankful for my coffeemaker, which has surpassed oxygen in terms of essentiality. And finally, I’m thankful for my never-boring job at Brafton, an awesome company that recognizes hard work and allows for flexibility. – Erin Balsa, Managing Editor – Responsive Strategies, Boston

I’m thankful for Elon Musk. – Eric Rubino, Project Manager, Boston

I’m grateful for all the brilliant creatives we have that are the heart and soul of Brafton :)) – Stacy Randel, Director of Sales, Boston

I’m thankful for coworkers who make me look forward to coming into work and our never-ending supply of Munchkins. – Erin Hancock, Associate Manager of Promotions and Engagement, Chicago

Donut holes get our Chicago marketers through the week.


I’m thankful that a job I found on Craigslist eight years ago turned into a career that I now love. I’m also thankful for scotch. – Francis Ma, VP of Content, Boston

I am thankful for co-workers who make me excited to come to work everyday (and not dread getting out of bed), managers who encourage and inspire me to be a better worker, and a job that feels like home (Okay, but really – because I probably would have left Boston without Brafton). This might sound “lame,” but you all know I mean it. – Emily Clark, Senior Content Marketing Strategist, Boston

I’m thankful for Brafton because if I never worked here I probably still wouldn’t have realized what my professional goals or aspirations are in the marketing community. – Anonymous Employee, Boston

I’m thankful for the awesome spread of food, and the six varieties of pie at my house. – Anonymous Employee, Boston

I’m thankful for my outstanding Brafton colleagues who constantly push me to be better at my job and to never stop learning about digital marketing. – Anonymous Employee, Chicago

I’m thankful for working with creative, hard-working people, learning a ton amidst success and setbacks, and getting through 2016 in one piece. Seriously y’all: Bowie, Sharon Jones, Gene Wilder, Abe Vigoda, Phife Dog, Maurice White, PRINCE, this election season? Can we just skip the month of December? – Anonymous Employee, Boston


And me? I’m thankful for the people I’ve gotten to know here, the insane amount I’ve learned about content marketing, and of course the coffee:


After K-cups for years, I may be a bit too excited for a fresh-brewed cup of local beans.

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