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Brafton’s Weekly Content Marketing Roundup features the latest news and trends in the world of content marketing. This week we’re diving into stories about the importance of local SEO, making the most of mobile emails and much more.

Content is for more than just SEO.Content marketing food for thought

We picked the brain of Brafton Director of Content Marketing Colin Campbell to discover how easy it is for businesses to lose sight of the ultimate content marketing goal: Boosting the bottom line. Supporting search engine optimization and brand awareness is all well and good, but it’s essential to remember conversions are what put dinner on the table. Read on for a reminder.

Loco for local

Writing for Search Engine Land, Pratik Dholakiya spotlighted the types of businesses that benefit most from local SEO. With Google doubling down on the importance of locality, it pays to understand what businesses have the most to gain from local SEO efforts and why. Does your industry make the cut? Click here to find out.

It’s what’s inside that counts

External links are the bread and butter of SEO, but it’s important not to forget about the value of internal linking, as a recent article from Search Engine Journal pointed out. The pros at SEJ break down why internal linking matters, how to do it right and what mistakes to avoid. Take a look!

Ensuring visitor and buyer personas are in tune is essential to generating conversions.Persona problems

Your buyer personas and website visitor personas may not always match. It’s time to make sure they do. Brafton’s Jeff Baker helps us break down the importance of aligning personas and how to do so. Make sure your content marketing counts. Click here to get the goods.

More than math

Pay-per-click campaigns aren’t all about cold numbers! Moz recently showed how PPC can help businesses build their brands in the eyes of consumers, increasing loyalty along with sales. Want to find out how you can make PPC a part of your brand storytelling? Find out more here!

Mobile mail

Citing an infographic from EasySendy, MarketingProfs reported that while there are billions of email users in the world, only 900 million of them are opening emails via desktop computers. That leaves a ton of mobile maestros to target with your content marketing campaigns. Want to find out the best ways to engage mobile email users? Read on!

Content distribution featureDetermining distribution

Creating great content marketing is one thing. Knowing how best to distribute it is something else entirely. Allow Brafton’s Tressa Sloane to walk you through the most effective content distribution channels. Plus, find out how you can revise, repurpose and repost your existing content to maximize results. All your questions are answered here.

Remarketing redo

If you work in content marketing, you’ve no doubt heard about the importance of retargeting and remarketing. Unfortunately, the two terms are often used interchangeably despite representing different strategies. Search Engine Journal recently explained their similarities and disparities. Are you using them correctly? Find out here.

Perfecting personalization

Personalization seems to be the name of the game in content marketing, and account-based techniques can help. The team at MarketingProfs shared data from a recent Ascend2 report detailing how the pros are approaching account-based content marketing, as well as how effective it is. Learn more now!

That’s all for now. Come back next Friday for another collection of our favorite content marketing stories from the week that was.