1 Blog Post. 6 Months. $30,000 value: THIS is SEO

The whole reason people practice SEO is so they don’t have to pay for qualified traffic. The goal is to create something that ranks on Page 1 for the right keyword. Do that, and the traffic just. keeps. coming.

Case in point: We updated the copy on a glossary page for our client, AppDirect. As a result, we got it on Page 1 for the target keyword “SaaS Platform,” which has a global monthly search volume of 9,400.

Then this happened:

Since March of this year, this article has generated more than 1,200 users organically every single month.

That’s cool. But the value of that traffic is even cooler:

That’s in the ballpark of $30,000+ in traffic value over the last 6 months. Meaning, you’d have to pay more than $30,000 if you were buying this traffic through ads.

Our client paid us a minuscule fraction of that.

And still, the traffic just. keeps. coming.

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