4 Brands, 4 Sites & Traffic Galore for Clemens Food Group


New sites.


Increase in monthly traffic value.


New monthly sessions.

It all started with a few social media posts for Clemens Food Group. Once we nailed that, they commissioned us to create new websites for four of their brands.

The results? More traffic, better branding and some killer web design. 

Rebranding x4

One company (Clemens Food Group). Four brands:

  1. Hatfield (if you’re US-based, you know them from your local supermarket).
  2. Farm Promise (if you don’t know them yet, you’ll know them soon).
  3. Clemens Food Service (the B2B side of things).
  4. Clemens Food Group (the parent company).

They’re all centered around pork — think ribs, bacon and pork chops — but they all appeal to different customer personas.

So how do you distinguish each brand for its target market?

Brand-new websites that convey clear messaging, and a lot of new, branded content.

4 New websites.

Social media management.

SEO content writing.

Video content.

One complete website redesign is a big undertaking.

Four is brazen.

And yet that’s precisely what we delivered:


We wanted a cleaner, more polished website, but something that would still be approachable (and enticing) for a consumer audience.



We achieved the look we were going for by making the homepage page less busy, with more clearly defined sections and room for messaging.

We were also sure to include more information about the brand and its values. This meant referencing its “Pork with a Pledge” branding, and dedicating more real estate on the homepage to explaining exactly what that means.

Remember, this was a complete website redesign. Which means we worked on every core page on the site. Below is another example, this one highlighting Hatfield’s Product Page.

We paid close attention to UX every step of the way. As an example, you’ll notice on the Product Page that we made it much easier to sort by product type using a tabbed approach, while keeping the search bar and including a drop down.

And as a final step, we helped promote the new branding by creating keyword-targeted blog content for search terms geared toward pork-filled recipes.

We also continued to create branded content for Hatfield’s social media platforms.

Farm Promise

Farm Promise, like Hatfield, is a direct-to-consumer brand. The main difference is that it leans further into its identity as an all-natural product line: vegetarian-fed pigs, no hormones or steroids added, and crate-free gestation.

Our rebranding, both on the homepage and on the rest of the site, needed to achieve:

  1. Faster load times.
  2. More space for messaging (specifically, written content highlighting the brand’s differentiating values).
  3. Clearer calls to action.
  4. Cleaner, but more meaningful, branded elements (such as the drawn illustrations, and more creative use of typography).

Clemens Food Service

Clemens Food Service site was a tricky one. It needed to be clear it was for a B2B brand — but it also needed to promote the B2C sides of the business. This site is, shall we say, the business’s hub of all commerce.

To pull this off, we worked with Clemens to create a new call to action on the homepage. We also created an entirely new page called “Who We Serve” that’s extremely forthright in its B2B targeting.

Clemens Food Group

Last but not least, Clemens’ main corporate site is the heart and soul of its brand. We wanted it to clearly convey the company’s values of family, integrity, professionalism and tradition. But we also wanted it to tie in various elements from its other properties.

Within the first year of launching these sites, all of them experienced an increase in organic traffic. Farm Promise, for its part, was even the recipient of an Indigo Design Award.

However, it was Clemens’ most recognizable consumer-facing brand, Hatfield, that saw the most significant gains in traffic.

Within a year, Hatfield’s new site achieved:

  • A monthly traffic increase from 1,590 sessions pre-launch, to 27,217 (a 1,611% increase).
  • A spike in organic traffic value from $3,026 pre-launch, to $23,918 (a 690% increase).

This colossal growth boils down to several factors:

  • A more technically sound, UX-optimized site.
  • SEO content.
  • Polished, cross-channel branding.

It’s hard to believe that a grocery-store staple brand was only earning a few thousand organic sessions per month. With the new site in place, we helped Hatfield — and all of Clemens Food Groups’ brands — earn more of the attention that it deserves.

Of course these changes didn’t happen overnight. They rarely do with content marketing.

But what difference just one year can make when you know how to plan and execute a masterful digital marketing campaign.

We played a long game with Clemens Food Group, and won.

That’s called bringing home the bacon.

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