How Brafton Has Helped ViewSonic Shape Its Brand

ViewSonic is the expert in its field after 33 years in the industry, but in their highly competitive space, they needed to stand out from the crowd with strong branding. Brafton’s writers and designers are helping to make that happen.

Build Topical Authority

ViewSonic is a world-leading visuals company that helps maximize productivity in the education, business, and entertainment industries. They manufacture screens, displays and workstations that organizations use to get things done. 

The company was planning on creating a Pillar Page to support one of their business solutions. After a few Google searches they found Brafton. They were eager to increase their brand awareness by having well-designed, branded assets that had a consistent — and memorable – look and feel.

And so we put our noses to the grindstone.

Pillar Page.

Custom illustrations.



1 eBook.

ViewSonic wanted to portray themselves as experts when it comes to setting up the greatest hybrid work ecosystem. And as we all know, every successful marketing strategy starts with a strong foundation. In this case, we went with a Pillar Page about “hybrid work.” 

Pillar pages accomplish a few things. Firstly, they’re incredibly in-depth pieces of informational content. They’re also intuitively structured and text is broken up with visual elements so as not to overwhelm readers. These pages also serve as a platform for future blog content about a particular subject (which is perfect for internal linking). 

Over time, pillar pages help earn topical authority. This allows a company to establish itself as an “expert” on a particular subject. Pillar pages also soak up external backlinks, which in the long run, boosts Page Authority and creates opportunities to rank on Page 1 for extremely challenging keywords. 

While our writers tackled the copy, our design team learned ViewSonic’s personality and look, and began producing complimentary visuals to enhance their written content. Visual content is so much more than an accompaniment to words. It’s a visual calling card, a placeholder for a brand’s entire identity. 

Throughout this process, collaborating with ViewSonic was a piece of cake, and the feeling was mutual. ”Working with Brafton was always a pleasure, and this was largely due to the collaborative and team-oriented approach of the project managers,” ViewSonic’s Global Lead SEO said

Not only did we create a pillar page for ViewSonic, but it was the longest SEO-optimized pillar page ever created for a Brafton client, at 7,405 words. 

This powerful Pillar page is full of animations, custom graphics …

… and even an infographic to support its organic ranking:

We also work on creating custom illustrations. As a result, ViewSonic’s blog and marketing materials have a cohesive look and feel. This consistency familiarizes new users with their brand while giving ViewSonic a strong foundation for highlighting their unique perspective and expertise.

Staying organized for months with more than 100+ different projects in the works was no easy task. And we definitely couldn’t have done this without the Brafton Content Marketing Platform. It not only helped us stay organized, but it made the process easier for ViewSonic’s team. 

“Brafton’s platform is well-designed and user-friendly making it easy to communicate feedback and approve projects,” the client said.

The collaboration with Brafton enabled ViewSonic to effectively tell their stories and highlight the company’s expertise through top-notch visuals.

“We were most impressed by the production of high-quality visuals and illustrations that accurately represented even the most detailed and challenging briefs,” ViewSonic’s SEO Global Lead Writer said.

Overall this project demonstrates the successful execution of a comprehensive content marketing strategy that not only increased brand awareness, but also enhanced ViewSonic’s brand identity through visually appealing and engaging assets.

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