How Our Video Team Helped Lasko Create an Online Self-Service Center


Videos created.


Collective views.


Really comprehensive video library.

We’ve all encountered the phrase “some assembly required.” But is it a panic-inducing omen, or an entirely innocuous disclaimer? The answer depends on what you’re assembling—but more importantly, who made the thing you’re assembling.

If Lasko Products, Inc. made it, you’re in luck. The global company has done an extraordinary job giving its customers all the online resources they need to set up, maintain, use and troubleshoot their heaters, fans, air purifiers and other home-comfort products.

Their strategy is simple: They’ve published step-by-step videos where real human beings show customers how to do the thing they’re trying to do.

And since 2014, we’ve helped make those videos. All of them.

Create Self-Service Video Content

Content marketing isn’t just about using content to win new business; it’s also about using it to win repeat customers, and self-help, explainer-style videos that answer customers’ questions represent one way to do this.

“We wanted videos that quickly and clearly addressed consumer FAQs or communicated the top key points of a particular model.” Carolynn Costanzo, Online Marketing Manager at Lasko said. “But we lacked the capacity to create informational videos about our various products and consumer self-help issues and common questions.”

Cue Brafton.

50 Product videos.

We produced videos, and lots of them

Brafton and Lasko’s partnership dates all the way back to 2014. Since then, we’ve created more than 50 product videos (and counting) that:

  • Provide overviews of products.
  • Showcase specific product features.
  • Troubleshoot common problems.
  • Explain setup or customization.
  • Answer frequently asked questions.

In the 6 years we’ve worked together, our videographers and project managers have ensured that content delivery is a smooth process.

“Our workflow with the Brafton team is nearly effortless,” Carolynn said. “It’s all a very well-oiled machine at this point!”

The most recent inclusion in our project management repertoire is a Content Marketing Platform, which makes it even easier to collaborate on multi-step videos that require a script, filming, editing and revisions.

“The new online project management tool is terrific for giving me easy visibility to our projects—current, future, and past,” Carolynn said.

We can’t take credit for the promotion and distribution of Lasko’s video content, but we can hang our hats on the timely creation of video content that we knew would help Lasko achieve its goals.

“The most outstanding part is Brafton’s ability to meet deadlines and other requests,” Carolynn said. “I appreciate the level of understanding and trust we have developed over the years, as well.”

Plus, we’re thrilled with the outcome.

A self-assembly video that was viewed more than 93,000 times in 2 years.

“We have one Brafton video that has been viewed more than 90,000 times in just 2 years!” Carolynn said. “Usually our videos, particularly the FAQ-focused, have thousands of views within several months.”

And we’re even more excited about what comes next.

“Lasko has been working with Brafton for many, many years.” Carolyn said. “We continue to work with the Brafton team because of the quality of output and ease of working with them.”

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