How to Get 1 Page to Rank for 5 High-Volume Keywords

This is SEO’s most sacred law: Target just 1 keyword per page. However: Google is smart enough to understand search intent.

Meaning, if you choose your one target keyword wisely, you won’t just rank for that keyword; you’ll also rank for broad-match keywords that have identical or highly similar intent.

Case in point: We targeted the keyword “SEMH” for our client, Routledge. It has a search volume of 4,900 in the UK.

And we got our client on Page 1 for that keyword:

But we ALSO got our client on Page 1 for 4 other variant search terms:

No single SEMH-related keyword has a search volume of 11,000.

But when you add up just a few of the variant keywords with identical intent, you’ve suddenly turned a 4,900 search volume into 11,000.

That’s 11,000 new opportunities for a click every single month that we generated for our client.

And it all started with just 1 really well-chosen word.

We know how to pick ‘em.

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