Pinnacle Business Systems Sees Sudden Twitter Engagement With Social Contest


More Twitter followers.


Social interactions in a single month.


Refferal traffic growth.

Pinnacle Business Systems Inc. is an industry-leading provider of information technology solutions that has designed scalable solutions for customers across industries for more than 26 years. Pinnacle focuses on providing clients with the expertise needed to assess, implement and manage information technology initiatives.

Based in Edmond, Okla., Pinnacle has offices throughout the Central U.S. to provide hands-on customer service to Fortune 1000 companies, private firms, local governments, healthcare providers and small to mid-sized companies.

Marketing Programs and Event Manager Stacy Yates was already taking advantage of Brafton’s basic social automation package, but she knew it would be valuable for Pinnacle Business Systems to invest in a content-driven social strategy.

She participated in Brafton’s Social Media Madness contest and won – receiving a free month of premium social service. With a recommendation from the Brafton team, she selected Twitter, and the campaign increased the brand’s followers, improved overall engagement and drove referral traffic to the website.

Share News Content and Industry Resources to a Wider Social Audience

When Pinnacle Business Systems first partnered with Brafton in 2012 to fulfill its content needs, Yates was one of the few people on the company’s small marketing team working to update Pinnacle’s website and build its social presence.

“Like most organizations, we struggled to take our knowledge and product information and turn it into social content. We started with Facebook, but found it challenging to post regularly. We focused on strengthening our presence on additional channels, like Twitter, but still struggled with meaningful content and engagement.”– Yates

Because Pinnacle Business Systems already had a content strategy in place, it had plenty of information to share – it was a matter of distributing it on the right channels in the most effective manner.


  • Grow its social media presence.
  • Attract new Twitter followers.
  • Increase engagement across networks.


Twitter Management.

Expand social output and interactions on Twitter

To promote the brand’s content and engage a wider social audience, Brafton’s strategy targeted industry insiders, thought leaders and knowledgeable readers in the commercial IT space. It also aimed to build a community around the brand’s expertise to foster engagement and discussions with interested users and thought leaders.


  • 40-50 interactive Tweets per week.
  • Social interactions, including Retweets and replies.
  • Shares of Pinnacle Business Systems content.

Brafton’s social team established a significant social presence for Pinnacle Business Systems, drawing content from the company’s blog, as well as sharing relevant industry tips.

“What really amazed me was our social media strategists’ ability to repurpose the content. They would take one article and find ways to Tweet it out two or three times … I was impressed to see how they took our social media to the next level by interacting with others and sharing content.” – Yates

“It was worth our time just to see how the team would execute something and how quickly they were able to ramp it up in a month.” – Yates

The social media strategists responsible for Pinnacle’s accounts increased the company’s online footprint substantially, putting the Pinnacle Business Systems brand name in conversation with industry leaders. It also drove more traffic to Pinnacle’s website, as sessions that began on Twitter increased over 77 percent.

The average number of pageviews for referral traffic from Twitter exploded, growing over 2,000 percent in a month, as interested audience members looked at the company’s content.

“I always knew social media was important, and Brafton’s team really showed me how social media can be used to engage people. Right now, we don’t track sales from social, but we did see that social showcased our thought leadership and increased our brand awareness.”

What’s next?

Pinnacle wants to maintain social momentum it built in just one month. There’s still a lot of data to pore over, but it looks like Pinnacle Business Systems has room to grow on Facebook and other social networks besides Twitter. Companies can always increase their influence online, and Pinnacle is poised to drive even more traffic to its social profiles.

“It used to be about continuing the status quo – that’s where we were set. We were just trying to get the information on our social networks – and we’re still getting the information out there – but it was kind of at a minimum. We want to continue beefing up our social media from the growth we experienced with Brafton.” -Yates

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