The Longevity and Stem Cell Centres of Houston provides advanced treatments in restorative medicine for men and women. With services for a variety of health care treatments that use advances scientific and medical technologies, they are able to mitigate the debilitating and disabling diseases associated with aging.

"I have been a happy client of Brafton (formerly ContentLead) for many years. Brafton’s Google AdWords campaign management and assistance has been invaluable. My business’s expenditures have yielded more qualified leads at a lower cost."

Dr. Gurney F. Pearsall, Jr., Co-Founder of Longevity & Stem Cell Centres


Longevity Centres relies on inbound calls to schedule appointments and consultations in order to build their customer base. Gurney F. Pearsall, Jr., M.D., a highly trained physician who also manages the company’s digital advertising operations, needed a way to generate more phone calls more efficiently.

Dr. Pearsall originally relied on Dynamic Search from Google AdWords, an algorithmic, self-driven search marketing campaign, to drive the phone calls he desired. While this drove volume, it was not cost-effective – in the six months prior to Brafton’s involvement, the cost per call was $263. This approach was generating too many unqualified leads.

To better target Longevity Centres’ niche audience, Brafton’s strategists launched a plan to geo-target prospects within a range of the company’s facilities where many of their patients are able to travel for treatment through Houston-specific zip codes and long-tail keywords. Call-only ads were also used to prompt those who clicked on mobile ads to place a call rather than being redirected to the company’s site.


In the month following the strategic shift, Longevity Centres saw a stark increase in calls, as well as better efficiency. Diversifying the messaging for different treatments and locations delivered in spades. Houston-specific searches delivered 25% of the new calls generated, and every individual treatment campaign generated their own phone calls.

Modifying the primary call to action drove an increase in calls, as well. Historically focusing on a discount, Brafton recommended a CTA to schedule a consultation. At the end of the month, all but one call had come from ads with the updated CTA. Those who saw the new ads called in at a rate of 6.2% – a 20,566% improvement over the call rate of 0.03% during the six months prior.

  • 1,100% monthly increase in calls
  • 426% more efficiency
  • Cost per call reduced from $263 to $50
  • Calls from paid ads up from 0.03% to 6.2%