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Marketing consultants at Brafton are experts in all things digital, both on and off the page.

With backgrounds in strategy, project management, persona development, email marketing, web development, content creation and operations, Brafton consultants are frontline resources that help inform your strategy and web presence.

You gain not only an extension of your marketing team but a full suite of digital SEO, auditing, research, content, UX and brand development tools that shape your connection to your audience.

By mining every available fragment of data from your site, your customers, your competitors and your social media, we convert business intelligence into content intelligence.

This level of insight positions your company to succeed like never before.

SEO Packages

Search engine optimization is at the core of everything we do. Customized SEO services from your consultant help determine ideal organic ranking opportunities and competitive content advantages.

To adhere to the latest evolution of search engine algorithms, your SEO recommendations are rooted in on- and off-page SEO, Local SEO, keyword trends and content-specific metrics performance.

SEO consulting ensures your content is relevant to your target audience, informative to all users and structured to dominate SERPs.

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Technical SEO Services

For backend SEO analysis, site- or page-specific consultation or projects that exist outside the parameters of traditional on-page SEO offerings, your Brafton team can provide additional technical support and implementation.

Technical SEO may include site crawls, landing page analyses, duplicate content checks, site health diagnoses and more. These services guarantee your web pages are indexable in search engines and follow industry best practices.

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Website Audit Services

A comprehensive website audit varies in size and scope. Basic audit services include a list of existing site errors and a report for manually correcting them all.

More intensive site audits can entail a collection of a full-scale competitor and social analysis, a priority scorecard that ranks errors most in need of immediate attention, a formatted report detailing suggested adjustments and more.

Consultants start projects assessing the five most important aspects of your website, which are Indexability, Accessibility, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO and Competitive/Social Analysis.

Fixing site errors allows you to rank in SERPs, increase brand visibility and drive commercial value from your web properties.

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Persona Development

Before embarking on a content marketing program, you need to know who your core audience is. Through a proprietary persona mapping process, we uncover the demographics, behaviors and motivations of your site visitors, influencers and decision-makers.

By interviewing you and your customers, conducting independent research and segmenting findings by channels, platforms and stages of the sales funnel, we bring your buyer personas to life.

With this information on hand, all assets are then hyper-focused on specific personas. This approach keeps your content marketing perfectly in tune with your audience.

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Email & Marketing Automation

Pick your platform, and we provide the creation, management and reporting of email and marketing campaigns.

Using a variety of automation tools, we can support your existing email efforts or produce new campaigns from scratch, including drip campaigns, product and service promotions, shopping cart abandonment, re-engagement, triggered email campaigns and more.

Publishing, promoting and distributing content through your readers’ chosen mediums is the best way to nurture prospects and shorten sales cycles.

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Website Redesigns

A wholesale website redesign is a must-have for many marketers, but sometimes a simple facelift, optimization or branding update are all that’s needed.

In addition to complete, custom redesigns, Brafton also offers low-cost options that are built upon a set of site designs with features that allow drag-and-drop adjustments to suit your specific needs.

Web redesigns are perfect for making your site mobile-responsive, visually engaging to users and aligned with the latest digital design trends.

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Fixed, Ongoing or À La Carte Services

Brafton’s marketing consulting services are delivered in a format that serves your commercial objectives.

All services, no matter how large or small, can be customized to fit your turnaround times and your budgeting priorities. This means work can be completed within a fixed scope of work, on a longer, rolling timeline or as a one-off, à la carte complement to other assets in your marketing strategy.

Flexibility and agility are needed in today’s digital landscape, and our consulting department builds projects around this reality.

Now that’s teamwork.

Your Industry, Our Experience

For more than 10 years, Brafton has run content marketing programs for virtually every industry vertical. Regardless of your current market position, there’s a solution out there that can open up new business opportunities through greater search presence and optimized site health.

Common industries we partner with are:

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